Andrea Beltrán

“Marc is one of those people who never stop learning. A seeker both a personal level and professionally. He’s very meticulous in their work and passionate about communication. It has great empathy, something very important in this area. It was a pleasure working with him.“

Andrea Beltrán Event Manager - Marca Condal
Natasha Kalin

“Marc was always willing to help others and work both alone and in teams. He was active, responsible, attentive and careful in their work and collaborative with others. Marc is also an optimist, a dreamer, a creative and strategic person. He has a positive attitude and restless and a great enthusiasm for the projects he is involved.”

Natasha Kalin EU Regional Coordinator - youthNET Network
 Carola Felis Storto

“Marc is a self-starter, responsible and very creative. He is capable of facing any challenge, knows how to work in groups and adapt to any situation. It has a strong background in conjunction with their desire to continue learning make Marc an essential professional in any company.“

Carola Felis Storto Project Manager - Comsolidar
Valentina Bozhichkova

“I would like to recommend Marc Artacho as a candidate for a position with you. Our experience with Marc is that he did an excellent job while working with us. Marc was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including journalists, PR specialists, film-makers, special guests... He would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue.”

Valentina Bozhichkova Director - In the Palace - International Short Film Festival
Isam Alegre

“Marc Artacho was a model student and role model for all his companions. He is not only a worker, passionate and intelligent, he is also a person with a very strong social commitment (which does not abound in a profession such as advertising) and enviables ethical values. It is rare to see a student giving up his honours in favor of another partner who “need it most”.“

Isam Alegre Professor of Creativity - Autonomous University of Barcelona
Ana Belén Martínez

“Marc Artacho was responsible for developing and implementing the communication plan in Social Media Research Park UAB. In addition to its extensive expertise on the subject, Marc always offered assistance and integrated seamlessly with other colleagues employees, customers and suppliers. I am quite sure that Marc know working with you in the same way and with the same dedication he did for us.“

Ana Belén Martínez Communications Manager - Research Park UAB
Anna Gatell

“Marc has a great interest, receptive and positive attitude. It provides an active and enriching opinions. With artistic sensibility and creative projects conceptually prepared technically and graphically well resolved. It shows a good interaction with peers and involvement in the good work team. Thanks to his previous experience with similar new content, Marc is a very competent, responsible and committed to the professional world.“

Anna Gatell Graphic Design Teacher - Escola d’Art de Terrassa
Marta Emerson

“Marc Artacho has been involved in the company hello!communicacion, a communications agency specializing in public relations and strategies for Social Media, 2.0. Marc has performed support tasks to the editor, such as creating databases of media, video editing, and writing press releases. On the other hand, it has developed it’s commercial side to help in management and telephone follow-up to attract partners for a contest on social responsibility 2.0. Marc has a positive attitude and restless and a great enthusiasm for the projects they are involved. Is committed and a team player.”

Marta Emerson CEO - Hello!Comunicación
Esteve Traveset

“I am pleased to introduce to Marc Artacho, with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He has been with us supporting the team as a creative writer. He has served on several projects, contributing ideas and developing processes. Marc has shown great interest and passion by communication besides having a good relationship with their environment and peers. For these reasons, and some that you will already discover, I recommend Marc to form part of any creative work team. Their enthusiasm and initiative make everything flow naturally and the result is excellent.“

Esteve Traveset Creative Director - Herraiz Soto & Co
Joaquin Zulategui

“Marc is a young man who has many virtues and with whom is easy to work. His infectious enthusiasm, initiative and self-sacrifice makes it perfect to be a team leader that addresses new challenges in the company. A very good management social tools and great communication skills are weapons that he used with ease and mastery. Very well prepared and eager makes it a great value in any company. If I could go back to have him, I do not hesitate. He left done a great job before came back to Barcelona and it was a setback, if we succeeded in recovering in El Ser Creativo.“

Joaquin Zulategui President - El Ser Creativo